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The current COVID 19 pandemic has shaken up our lives and obliged us to face a new reality.  Our daily life suddenly changed, probably permanently, while fear, worry and insecurity prevail.  Furthermore, the necessity for personal responsibility and action has been stressed more than ever. It is our duty to show responsibility and respect for our fellow human beings by following the recommendations of the WHO, of the Greek Scientific Community and Government.

Under the present situation, aiming at strengthening our guests’ trust and ensuring them for the sanitary safety of our hotel, we adopted the Health protocols of our Ministry, have taken action and proceeded to changes concerning our operations.  Moreover, we have issued the relevant guidelines for all the services we provide.  We have created a coordinating committee and assigned responsibilities, as well as an action plan for the prevention of the appearance and for the effective handling of possible suspicious cases, in order to eliminate the danger of the virus being spread to our guests and staff, as it is recommended by  EODY.  Our staff is under training in relevance to the abidance of the health protocols and strictly complies with the basic protective measures against COVID 19 (hand washing, social distancing, face mask).  We are also under the process of acquiring the Certificate of Sanitary Safety.

To this effort we ask for your understanding, involvement and cooperation in order to adjust to the new reality.


Our breakfast will be served a la carte at specific time for each room so we avoid overcrowding, keeping social distancing and all the safety measures (we will serve 6-8 rooms at a time).  Alternatively, we can serve your breakfast in your room at the same time.

The selection of the breakfast items will be done the day before.  One of our employees will help you (in order to avoid the use of paper) select and give your order for the next day. 


We use ECOLAB cleaning and disinfectant products to all the areas of the hotel as well as chlorine which is now allowed for hotel use.  Each room has its own material fabrics.  All the cloth elements are cleaned with steam cleaner, KARCHER Professional DE 4002 at very high temperature > 70° C and with electric fogger and ECOLAB disinfectants  in the form of dry steam.  The linen and towels of the room are washed by a professional collaborating dry cleaning, following all the safety protocols, at very high temperature.  Our Housekeeping staff is equipped by all the protective accessories.


Our restaurant “Anerousa” uses mainly the outside area, following all the safety protocols (disinfectant at entrance and exit, distances, staff with face masks and intensive cleaning).  Our kitchen is certified with ISO 22000.


Our SPA services are provided by appointment, following all the sanitary protocols.  The Jacuzzi will not be in operation this year for safety issues. 


Our Pool  is operating by the guidance of all the protocols for safe use, 2 meatres distance between the sets of sunbeds, disinfection before and after use with steam at > 70° C.  The pool towels are washed and dried at temperature over 60ο C.

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