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We are more than stone and light!


Very near to the hotel one can find the picturesque village of Ιtilo. Well-preserved stone- houses, stone paths and old byzantine churches (like the temple of Virgin Mary’s Dormition, or the church of Saint George) mark the place. Ιtilo was known from the Mycenaean era as one of the nine Achaic cities governed by Menelaos.

According to Homer, Itilo contributed ships to the Trojan War and in Pausanias “Periegesis” it is reported that a Sanctuary of Sarapis and a statue of Karnios Apollon could be found in the heart of the city.

The village is ideal for tranquil walking around. At the south-west end of the village, in the area called “Frigano” (due to a large caddice tree which offers plenty of shadow around), an old well-preserved path begins and connects Ιtilo with the lower part of the gulf.

The view spreads in full to meet the prickly pear trees, the caddice and the olive trees all the way down to the sea.

Half way the Byzantine church of the Saviour emerges backrounded by the yellowish rocks. The path ends at the bay, a former base of pirates. Two settlements spread around the gulf, Karavostasi and Neo Itilo.

The beach there is ideal for swimming but you can also explore new flavors at the tavernas found onshore.

The Mylolagado Canyon, separates Itilo from the castle of Kelefa. This was a fortress, built upon command of the Turk Bezyr Ahmet Kioproulis during the 17th century. The purpose was to subjugate Mani, but the goal was never achieved. The unique view of the sea of the infertile land of Mesa Mani satisfies the visitors of the castle.

In order to draw a full picture of Itilo’s gulf one must not miss out Limeni, a settlement in the south-west of the bay, which serves as the seaport of Areopolis, the historic centre of Mani.

The clear turquoise waters carve the rocks and the houses of the village. The ageless tower of Mavromichalis’ family pops up in between (Mavromichalis family was among the leaders of the Greek Revolution).


Petra & Fos Boutique Hotel & Spa is easily accessible.

Τraveling by plane, the distance is about 80km from the airport of Kalamata.

Traveling by car distance from Kalamata  is about 75km, about 225 km from Athens’ airport and about 63km from Sparta.

There is also availability for car rental as our hotel cooperates with AVIS Car Rental.

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