The “Ioni” Spa

The “Ioni Spa” invites you to discover not only the unique wild beauty of Mani, but also our exquisite face and body treatments,

with purely natural products, that embrace your senses with luxury on every detail, creating the ideal environment for short and long escapes to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our skilled therapist will advise you about the full and personalized wellness services we offer.

Choose the appropriate treatment for you according to your needs and biorhythms.


The name of “Ioni Spa” derives from the Nereid Ioni, an ancient deity of gulfs and coasts.

The Nereids in Greek mythology were the nymphs who lived in the seabed, in the palace of their father, Nereus, and according to the tradition were proud of their beauty.

The unique experience of “Ioni Spa” promises an inspiring rejuvenation journey, stimulating all five senses.

A Spa experience is not complete without a stimulating hydrotherapy.

The variety of 40 different programs offers the perfect way for releasing stress and fatigue, and relaxing the strained muscles.


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